A list of the various projects Jennifer has worked on over the last several years

Roadkill (Short Film) – Wardrobe Supervisor
January 2013, Tiny Elephant Films

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Lesbo (Theater) – Costume Designer
November 2012, Gina Young (Producer)

American Bistro (Feature Film) – Wardrobe Supervisor
October – November 2012, Diennet Productions

Alien Encounters (TV Pilot) – Costumer
October 2012, Never Nominated Productions LLC

Pop Spot (Webisode) – Costume Designer
June 2012, Eyeboogie Inc

The Big Bad City (Feature Film) – Costumer
January – April 2012, Vincent Duvall (Producer)

Fantasy Football (Commercial) – Wardrobe Stylist
November 2011, Douglas Jessup (Producer)

Steve Jones Photo Shoot (Still Photography) – Seamstress
July 2011, Sofia Tirado (Producer)

As High As the Sky (Feature Film) – Costume Designer
June 2011, Lena Bubenechik (Producer)

Affliction (Short Film) – Costume Designer
February 2011, Lena Bubenechik (Producer)

Family Squabble (Web Show) – Production Assistant
January 2011, Eyeboogie Inc

My Own Private Demon (Short Film) – Costume Designer
January 2011, “GIRLS!, GIRLS!, GIRLS!”

Assassins (Web Series) – Costume Designer
November 2010, Comediva

Dorito-Hibition! (Doritos Crash the Superbowl Commercial) – Costume Designer
October 2010, Brent McHenry (Producer)

Soprano Dorito (Doritos Crash the Superbowl Commercial) – Costume Designer
October 2010, Douglas Jessup (Producer)

Princess Bean’s Messy World (Live Show & Feature Film) – Costume Designer
June-October 2010, Clare Carey (Director)

28 Ounces Later (Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Finalist) – Costume Designer
December 2009, Brent McHenry (Producer)

The Catch: Costa Rica (Reality TV Series) – Costume Designer
January-April 2008, Standoff Studios

12 Fl OZ (Feature Film) – Costume Designer
2006-2007, Standoff Studios

Dish Network DVR (National Commercial) – Costume Designer
2006, Standoff Studios

Dish Network AT60 (National Commercial) – Costume Designer
2006, Standoff Studios

Bio/Logical (Short Film) – Costume Designer
2005, Nicholas Nykamp (Producer)

Oh My Mother (Short Film) – Costume Designer
2005, Anshul Jain (Producer)

Melibee (Short Film) – Costume Designer
2005, Victoria Mauch (Producer)